Wednesday, 13 April 2011


The last few weeks have been hectic, hence blogless. The Chicago convention draws nearer and event pieces have yet to be finished.......or even started. Typically when the pressure is on the bicycle pump of fate adds a few more pumps although this time it was self imposed. A year ago I volunteered to help at my son's school when they went on their annual adventure trip (PGL) and that time was last week.
Three days of zip wire, abseiling and kayaking with 36 children was quite an experience, I'm not sure who was furthest from their comfort zone, me or them. I had forgotten how much noise one child can make, let alone thirty six. Watching them play and sing I was jealous of how uninhibited they were.
It got me wondering why we lose that ability to act so freely but then I remembered that singing and shouting were abilities that I never possessed in the first place. Nope, me and shouting were never best mates. I can't even remember the last time I made a loud noise that wasn't through my backside. If I could win a Ferrari simply be shouting loudly..I'd still be driving my battered old Peugeot around.
When playing golf you are supposed to yell "FORE" whenever a stray shot heads towards another fairway...I just can't do it. I just tell myself that if no-one noticed then it doesn't matter and if I did hit someone then they are probably unconscious and I can get away with it!

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